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Sundays at 10AM
8951 Ruthby St 8b Houston, TX

We are so glad you are here, where God is always near.

Come and drink of his goodness and grace and fill your desert place!

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Often we have to be reminded that no matter the setback or amount of failure we experience, Jesus is always in our corner. He always cares and he always is ready to provide comfort.

Jesus often provides comfort, care and his love through others. So it’s important that you have a group of people who want the best for you and will allow you to be yourself with your unique beauty, gifts, talents and human flaws.

None of us are perfect, but we are all important. None of us are always right, but relationships matter.  We offer you opportunities to worship, praise, serve, and experience the love of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit through relationships with non-judgmental believers who only mean your good.

I look to see you soon.

“Thank you for welcoming me and preaching a message that I could easily understand and use daily”

Robin - First Time Visitor

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